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Magic Motorsport Starterspackage
Product information

Dyno-chiptuningfiles presents the Magic Motorsport Starters package. This package contains a selection of commonly used slave tools in combination with some accessiores. This tool needs to be linked on the Master tool of Dyno-chiptuningfiles. There are also five free tuning files credits included so you can start tuning inmediately!

Magic Motorsport Starters package - Slave consists of:

  • MAGPro2 X17 interface SLAVE
  • Breakbox v2 interface
  • Power supply adapter 220v 4A
  • Universal cable for Breakbox v2
  • Connection cable: OBD male to RJ45
  • 2x USB 2.0 connection cable 1.8m
  • Connection cable: RJ45 to RJ45
  • BMW Fxx cable for MAGPro2 X17 (MAGP0.2.34)
  • Toyota K-Line OBD cable adapter
  • Challenger clip
  • Adapter - cable to pin (5 pcs)
  • Large round faston adapters
  • Large rectangular faston adapters
  • Set of BOOT resistances 33/100/1kOhm
  • MAGPro2 Suitcase
  • 12 months free updates & Helpdesk access
  • 5 Free Tuningfiles!

Note that these packages are only available if the slave is linked to the Master version of Dyno-chiptuningfiles.

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Magic Motorsport Starters package

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