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About Tuning-Shop.com

In 2017 a couple of enthusiastic, experienced tuners founded tuning-shop.com. Tuning-shop.com is an online webshop which sells state-of-the-art tuning tools all over the world for new tuning companies but also for the more experienced tuning companies.

Tuning-shop.com is founded because of the high demand for qualitative tuning tools and accessories. We noticed that a lot of new coming tuners don’t have the knowledge which tools are the best to use in certain cases. We want to provide them with the best possible advice.

Through our own tuningfile service platform and tuning company, we already build up years of experience in the use of different kind of tuning tools from several brands but we also have a lot of experience in the sale of tuning tools. This makes that we can provide our customers with a honost and reliable advice in almost every case. But more importantly, we have build up stable relations with suppliers of tuning tools over the last years which is definitely one of our main strengths.

Tuning-shop.com only works with some well known tuning tool companies in the industries to make sure we follow our through core values; quality, service and customer satisfaction.

Mission statement

Here at Tuning-shop.com, we want to make sure that we add value in our services as a company. That means that we put a lot of effort in advising our customers and pointing out how to work with the tools and our gained experiences in the past helps us with that! Therefore we use the slogan: ‘’make good, qualitative and professional tuning possible for everyone’’.


Our vision is to become the number one company in the sales of tuning tools in terms of providing good quality products with a high level of customer service. It is our goal to make good, qualitative and professional tuning possible for everyone and we go a long way to achieve that! In a very dynamic industry, it is important to stay up-to-date and that means that knowledge of available hardware and software is a key to success! Tuning-shop.com strives to surpass the expectations of our customers in terms of expertise, quality, service and customer satisfaction.

The team

Currently Tuning-shop.com has a small team consisting of experts in the field of car tuning. The founders of Tuning-shop.com started their tuning career as software engineers and technical experts.
That makes that Tuning-shop.com has an advantage in terms of experience with several tools when it comes to the benefits and disadvantages of certain tools. We also can tell a lot about how to use the tools so Tuning-shop.com can guide you when you aren’t that experienced with car tuning.

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