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Magic MotorsportDQ200 cable

FLX2.24 DQ200 cable Magic Motorsport Tuning-shop.com
€ 69,90 Excl. VAT
Product information

Enhance transmission diagnostics with the FLEXBox port F to DQ200 connection cable, featuring the versatile FLX2.24 connector cable. Engineered to streamline the diagnostic process, this cable enables seamless connectivity to the control units of DQ200 automatic transmissions, empowering its user with comprehensive insights and precise control.

Unlock full potential of the FLEXBox tool with the FLX2.24 cable, boasting a range of key features designed to optimize performance and efficiency:

  • Bench mode: Seamlessly transition into bench mode for enhanced diagnostic capabilities. Experience flexibility for comprehensive analysis and troubleshooting.
  • Higher communication speed: Enjoy lightning-fast communication, ensuring swift and responsive data transfer between your diagnostic equipment and the DQ200 control units.
  • Secure connection: Rest assured with a stable connection, eliminating the risk of data loss or signal interruption during diagnostics.
  • Minimal error risk: Maximize accuracy and reliability with minimized error risk, benefiting from precise data transmission and consistent performance.

TCU compatibility:

  • VAG_TEMIC_DQ200Dxx

Elevate transmission diagnostics to new heights with the FLX2.24 connection cable. Designed for modern automotive diagnostics, this cable offers unparalleled performance, reliability, and convenience. Experience seamless connectivity and precise control while diagnosing and troubleshooting DQ200 automatic transmissions with confidence.

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DQ200 cable