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GYS Battery Chargers5M battery cables

Gys Cables 5 Meter Tuning-shop.com (054615)
€ 105,00 Excl. VAT
Product information

Discover the GYS battery cables with clamps, a reliable solution for powering your GYS devices with ease. With a length of 5 meters and a cable diameter of 16 square millimeters, these cables offer both durability and flexibility for various applications. Featuring insulated clamps on one end and a yellow Anderson connector on the other, these cables are designed for seamless integration with:

  • Gysflash chargers 30.12 FV & 50.12 FV,
  • Gysflash chargers 100.12 CNT & 101.12 CNT,
  • Gysflash charger 30.24 (6/ 12/ 24V),
  • Gysflash charger 50.24 (6/ 12/ 24V),
  • Gysflash chargers 102.12 & 32-12 PL.

Main functions

  • Versatile compatibility: compatible with a range of Gysflash chargers, these cables ensure hassle-free connectivity for your charging needs.
  • Replacement or spare: whether you need to replace a worn-out cable or simply require a spare for backup, these individual cables with clamps provide the flexibility and convenience you need.
  • Optimal charging procedure: take advantage of the calibration function available on select GYSFLASH models to enhance the charging process. Calibration ensures optimal voltage compensation, especially after cable replacements, promoting efficient charging performance.

Key features

  • Anderson 12V connector: the inclusion of a yellow Anderson connector ensures a secure and reliable connection to your GYS device, allowing for efficient power transmission.
  • High-quality construction: crafted with premium materials and precise engineering, these cables offer durability and longevity, capable of withstanding high electrical currents.
  • Easy installation: with insulated clamps for secure attachment and a user-friendly design, these cables can be effortlessly connected to your GYS device for immediate use.
  • Customized options: Anderson connectors come in various sizes and colors, tailored to specific amperage requirements and voltage levels, ensuring compatibility with your device's specifications.

About the Anderson 12V connector

Anderson connectors are renowned for their ability to handle high electrical currents effectively. Featuring a robust design, Anderson connectors provide a solid and secure connection to your device, promoting safety and reliability. Available in different sizes and colors, these connectors are designed to match specific amperage and voltage requirements, ensuring compatibility with various devices and applications.

Upgrade your charging setup with the GYS battery cables with clamps, designed to deliver efficient and reliable power transmission for your GYS devices. Whether for replacement or backup, these cables offer unmatched performance and convenience for your charging needs.

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GYS Battery Chargers5M battery cables

€ 105,00 Excl. VAT

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5M battery cables