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CMD FlashtecUnrestricted Slave tool

Tuning-shop.com CMD Flash product video
€ 5.150,00 Excl. VAT
Product information

The CMDFlash unrestricted Slave tool is a reader/ programmer, supporting; BDM, EOBD K-LINE, EOBD CAN-BUS and EOBD PWM for all new generation ECU's. With BDM you need to unplug the ECU from the vehicle, open and connect it to the tool, using a connector available on every Bosch EDC16, Marelli, Siemens and Delphi ECU.

This tool can be sold as a plug-in of our Map3d software or as stand-alone tool.
The software allows its user to read and write the EPROM (29bl802/ M58), the internal firmware, and the serial e2prom containing the vehicles' codes. Checksum correction algorithm is automatic for all the ECU families, this means you do not have to care about checksum calculations.

With this tool it is possible to read all ECU's EPROM, after a bad map tuning, a system hung or an interrupted writing operation it is always possible to restart the program operation to restore the ECU and start the vehicle. All ECU data can be stored in a single file with additional info such as; brand, model, plague, chassis number, data, note, customer, etc. With search facilities and information directly integrated in Microsoft Windows Explorer.

The CMDFlash Unrestricted Slave tool includes:

  • VAG FRF/ ODX/ SGO Fllasher,
  • BOOT/ Bench interface for all supported processors; ST10, C167, Renesas, TriCore, TC29x, MPC5777 and BDM - MPC5xx,
  • Read and write encrypted files only,
  • All accessories included for OBD, BOOT and Bench,
  • High current power supply suitable for BOOT - Bench and BDM,
  • SGW adapter FCA group,
  • One year free subscription (value > € 1100).
  • Tool can send and receive files from any master.

*MPC55xx BDM, positioning frames with adapters and Industrial Vehicles package are not included.

This tool utilizes an annual subscription to provide updates and automatic functionality. When purchasing this tool, one year of activation is included. Afterwards, the annual fee depends on the version: Master or Slave. The prices can be found on the subscription page of this tool.

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CMD FlashtecUnrestricted Slave tool

€ 5.150,00 Excl. VAT
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Unrestricted Slave tool