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Autotuner ToolBench cable for BMW MDG1

Autotuner bench cable for BMW MDG1 MG Tuning-Shop.com
€ 109,00 Excl. VAT
Product information

Discover this Autotuner universal bench cable, the key to seamless communication with a wide range of supported ECUs for BMW MDG1. This cable is an indispensable tool, especially made for BMW models to exchange data between the BMW ECU and the Autotuner Tool.

Supported ECUs:

  • Bosch MD1CS001
  • Bosch MD1CP002
  • Bosch MD1CP032
  • Bosch MG1CS003
  • Bosch MG1CS024
  • Bosch MG1CS201

The universal bench cable establishes a reliable connection between the Autotuner Tool and various BMW ECUs, providing access to extensive capabilities for data exchange, tuning, and programming.

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Autotuner ToolBench cable for BMW MDG1

€ 109,00 Excl. VAT

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Bench cable for BMW MDG1