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Autoflasher ToolAutoflasher Master Tool

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€ 1.000,00 Excl. VAT
Product information

Discover the Autoflasher tuning tool, master version: your gateway to fine-tuning and optimizing ECU software for thousands of vehicles effortlessly via the OBD socket. Whether you are tackling routine adjustments or diving into complex repair tasks, the Autoflasher is equipped to handle it all, boasting compatibility with OBD, Bench, Bootloader, JTAG, AUD, or BDM interfaces. Plus, with the included cables, identifying and resolving communication and connection errors has never been easier.

Read and write function
Unleash the full potential of a vehicle with Autoflasher's seamless read and write functionality. With unparalleled compatibility, our tool empowers you to effortlessly access and manipulate data within all major engine and transmission control units, ensuring precise customization and optimization to suit your preferences.

Back to original
Restore control units to their factory settings or effortlessly adjust data status with Autoflasher's "Back to Original" feature. Whether resetting to default configurations or fine-tuning parameters, Autoflasher offers unparalleled control and flexibility to meet your needs.

Checksum calculation
Bid farewell to manual checksum calculations as the Autoflasher tuning tool seamlessly handles this task for you, adjusting values as needed for optimal performance and efficiency. 

Error goodbye
Error Elimination: With Autoflasher, say goodbye to pesky fault codes. The tool automatically detects existing errors through the OBD-II socket and promptly removes them after writing the tuning file, eliminating the need for separate intervention.

OBD Flash & ECU detection
Approaching the milestone of 30,000 protocols, Autoflasher ensures you stay ahead without losing precious time. The tool works tirelessly and effectively, continuously adapting to evolving protocols. Plus, enjoy the added convenience of automatic recognition of incorrectly selected control units, minimizing manual intervention!

For some control units, additional removal of the control unit is necessary. The Autoflasher tool provides all required components for effortless ECU extraction. Modern technology eliminates the need for ECU disassembly, ensuring a hassle-free process while maintaining optimal performance.it has not been necessary to open the ECU for several years.

ECU & TCU cloning
Unlocking a realm beyond performance enhancement, Autoflasher offers a comprehensive full-backup method, elevating support and ECU repair services to unprecedented heights.

BOOT Flash
Occasionally, there are still ECU's where neither OBD nor the Bench method can be used. Autoflasher steps in with the Boot Flash method. By establishing a direct connection on the circuit board, even the most challenging ECU's are addressed effectively, ensuring seamless performance optimization, and ensuring there is no need to open-up an ECU
Experience the versatility of Autoflasher, enabling advanced repair capabilities through various modes including OBD, Bench, Bootloader, JTAG, AUD, or BDM. With the included cables, effortlessly detect and resolve communication and connection errors, in record time!

The Autoflasher Tool includes the following:

  • The Autoflasher tool,
  • BDM cable,
  • JTAG cable,
  • OBD cable,
  • USB cable,
  • BENCH/ BOOT cable,
  • Power supply unit,
  • USB flash drive.

Service information

This tool utilizes an annual subscription to provide updates and automatic functionality. When purchasing this tool, one year of activation is included. Afterwards, the annual fee depends on the version: Master or Slave. The prices can be found on the subscription page of this tool.

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Autoflasher ToolAutoflasher Master Tool

€ 1.000,00 Excl. VAT
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Autoflasher Tool Autoflasher Master Tool € 1.000,00
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Autoflasher Master Tool