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AlientechMAN trucks 37 pin cable

Alientech MAN 37 pin cable Tuning-shop.com
€ 99,00 Excl. VAT
Product information

The Alientech MAN 37 pin cable is a specialized OBD diagnostic connector cable custom-made for trucks, providing a direct connection to Bosch ECU (MS6.4) systems. This cable serves as essential bridge for precise and comprehensive retrieving and sending data from the truck to the Alientech tuning tool, and the other way round.

Designed to perfection, this 37 pin cable facilitates seamless communication between the truck's Bosch ECU (MS6.4) and the Alientech tuning-tool. It enables thorough communication: retrieving and sending data, allowing you to identify and address issues with highest accuracy.

  • Professional-grade quality, Alientech ensures that this cable meets the highest standards, making it a must-have tool for professional chiptuners.
  • Enhanced performance, using this cable in combination with remapping allows to chiptune the truck for optimal performance, maximizing fuel efficiency and overall reliability.

When you invest in the Alientech MAN 37 pin cable, you receive a high-quality cable specifically designed for compatibility with Bosch ECU (MS6.4) systems. The package includes a reliable, durable cable that guarantees a stable connection for data exchange between the Alientech tuning tool and the ECU. 

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AlientechMAN trucks 37 pin cable

€ 99,00 Excl. VAT
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MAN trucks 37 pin cable