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AlientechItalian motorcycles cable

Alientech Italian motorcycles cable
€ 59,00 Excl. VAT
Product information

Revolutionize the Italian motorcycle tuning experience with the Alientech OBD connector cable, specially crafted for Marelli ECUs. Which can be found in Ducati, Aprilia, Gilera, and MV Augusta bikes. 

The Alientech OBD connector cable for Italian motorcycles is a specialized cable designed to establish a seamless connection between the Alientech tuning tool and the Marelli ECU, present in iconic Italian brands such as Ducati, Aprilia, Gilera, and MV Augusta. This cable is key to unlock full potential of the Italian motorcycle’s performance.

This OBD connector cable acts as essential link for communication between the tuning tool and the Marelli ECU. It enables access to modify critical parameters, opening the door to precision tuning and performance optimization, customized specifically to Italian motorcycles. 

  • Brand-specific precision, tailored for Ducati, Aprilia, Gilera, and MV Augusta motorcycles with Marelli ECUs, ensuring accurate and optimized tuning.
  • Enhanced performance, fine-tune bike's engine parameters for improved power, responsiveness, and overall riding experience.
  • Ease of use, designed for seamless integration with Alientech tuning tools, providing a user-friendly and efficient tuning process.

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AlientechItalian motorcycles cable

€ 59,00 Excl. VAT
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Italian motorcycles cable