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AlientechECM TITANIUM - Checksum Activation

ECM Titanium Tuning-shop.com
€ 390,00 Excl. VAT
Product information

The purchase of new individual checksum families will no longer be possible.
Checksums can only be purchased via package.
Starting from version 3.0 of ECM TITANIUM, the section and functions relating to the correction of
checksum, they will be removed by the software. However, the indication of the family of will be maintained
checksum to use.
This indication will be moved to the ECM TITANIUM instruments submenu, accompanied by
a popup that will indicate the family to use and a button with a link to the dashboard.
In the user dashboard there will be a new section dedicated to checking checksums,
accessible only for customers in possession of ECM TITANIUM with at least one correction family
previously purchased checksum

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AlientechECM TITANIUM - Checksum Activation

€ 390,00 Excl. VAT
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ECM TITANIUM - Checksum Activation