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Magic Motorsport news update: DynoRoad SW version is ready

2 July 2021
Magic Motorsport news update: DynoRoad SW version is ready

DynoRoad SW version is ready

Test the performance of your vehicle, now measurements are even faster

DynoRoad SW version has been released to give you faster and more accurate measurements than ever before. This SW update includes new innovative functions such as, in particular, the Performance function that allows the user to measure speed over ¼ of a mile and check the results of a modification.

Try it, it’s easy!

Choose a predefined test or enter the vehicle parameters, click on Next and step on the gas.

The Performance tests are fast and easy to use and give repeatable and highly accurate results.
An Analysis section has also been implemented with an area dedicated to performance measurements in which you can view all the details of your test: acceleration, split times, maximum speed, distance and uniform slope of the road.

Also, from today the new DynoRoad web portal will now let you have the results of your tests available at any time!

NOTE: For accurate and reliable measurements, install your DynoRoad in the center of the rear wheel and test the device on a level and straight road.

Watch the video and discover  the new functions

New features:

  • Measure Acceleration performance in KMH or miles;
  • KMH – 0-100kmh, 100-200kmh, 200-300kmh, 60-160kmh, 0-200kmh or personalize it to your needs;
  • Measure Distance – 0-200m (1/8thmile), 0-400m (1/4 mile), 0-800m (1/2 mile) 0-1600m (1 mile) or personalize it to your needs.


  • New firmware version: it is necessary to update to version to proceed
  • Added: support for performance measurements (speed and distance measurements)
  • Improved: application/screen transitions and fluidity
  • Improved: vehicle data entry after measurements
  • Added: Advanced Features button – Settings Section
  • Bug fix: vehicle selection before measurements
  • Improved: Application stability
  • Improved: Pop-up menu
  • Improved: management of temperature and atmospheric pressure

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