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CMD Flash tool update: V3.2.0.186

14 May 2019
CMD Flash tool update: V3.2.0.186

CMDFLASH - 14-05-2019 - V3.2.0.186

CMDFlash has released the V3.2.0.186 update. It comes with the following protocols:


  • BMW Aurix 2.0d DDE803S OBD DoiP Enet [VR/W/CHK/Recovery]
  • RENAULT Sid310 UDS full obd [R/W/CHK/Recovery] 
  • VAG edc17/med17 tp2.0 full obd ( also TProtected one ) [VR/W/CHK/Recovery]
  • MERCEDES MEDC17 [Back to stock]
  • FORD SID807EVO full OBD [R/W/CHK/Recovery]
  • VAG TCU ZF AL451 CAN [R/W/CHK/Recovery] 


  • Marelli 10ja FCA ( Stelvio ) 2.0T 55xx boot
  • Rexton 2.0D dcm 6.2ap 55xx boot

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