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Alientech tool update: K-Suite Release 3.49

4 July 2019
Alientech tool update: K-Suite Release 3.49

New protocols are added by K-Tag to the bootloader of Mitsubishi and the Tricore Service Mode thanks to the new Alientech tool update K-Suite Release 3.49. In other words: the ECU remapping tools with microcontroller TC1762, TC1793, MH8102F and MH8115F are now available.

Thanks to this update, the ECUs of off-road vehicle of the Japanese company Mitsubishi Motors, but also the ECUs of some marine engines of the Suzukibrand, will be supported by K-TAG. McLaren, Mercedes with other VAG vehicles, enrich our vehicle list supported by K-TAG directly through the connector without opening the ECU.

Do you want to discover them? Download the vehicle list!

New ECUs supported by K-TAG with Bootloader Mitsubishi:

  • MITSUBISHI 33920-87L10 - SUKUZI

New ECUs supported by K-TAG with Tricore SM:

  • BOSCH ME17.9.51 IROM TC1762 - SUZUKI
  • BOSCH ME17.8.33 IROM TC1793 - MCLAREN
  • BOSCH MED17.1.27 IROM TC1793 - VAG

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