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Alientech news update: Upgrade 1.81

21 December 2023
Alientech news update: Upgrade 1.81

Reprogram Bobcat S76 with Bosch EDC17C87 control unit and JCB Backhoe Loaders with Delphi DCM3.3+ ECU

Effectively intervene using two new protocols dedicated to the world of construction vehicles.

Work with BENCH and BOOT modes to meet the demands of your customers for compact Bobcat S76 with Bosch EDC17C87 ECU and off-highway JCB Backhoe Loaders with Delphi DCM3.3+ control unit. Repair and optimize the performance of these engines comprehensively, with a focus on fuel consumption reduction. Choose KESS3 with activation for Truck/Tractor BENCH and BOOT protocols and increase your earnings by expanding your business.

Newly supported control units:

  • Bosch EDC17C87
  • Delphi DCM3.3+

With the function available only in open control unit mode (BOOT mode), you can clone the Delphi DCM3.3+ ECU, providing an even more effective repair service to your customers.

Bosch EDC17C87

 RD, WR in Bench Mode

S76 2.4L Diesel 55 kW

Delphi DCM3.3+

 RD, WR and Clone in Boot Mode

Backhoe Loader 3CX 4.4d Diesel 68 kW

Expand your fleet of vehicles to work on with KESS3 with an active subscription and don’t miss any job opportunities on the newly supported vehicles.

KESS3: the unique tool for your work

Quick updates, three different connection modes (OBD – BENCH – BOOT), ease of use and sturdiness for your garage.

All in a single tool designed to work in the present and amaze in the future thanks to the constant updating of functions and protocols to help you in your daily work.

Control unit repair

You do more than just tuning in your workshop with KESS3! Working in this sector allows you to meet parallel needs of your customers while increasing your profit opportunities. One of these formulas is ECU repair.

Thanks to the BENCH and BOOT mode of KESS3, it is possible, where available, to clone not only the memories of the ECU but also the whole management firmware to obtain a new control unit.

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