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Alientech news update: Upgrade 1.38

8 February 2023
Alientech news update: Upgrade 1.38

Work via OBD on PSA group vehicles with Bosch MED17.4.4 control unit

Read and write quickly and effectively, some Citroën and Peugeot models equipped with the 1.6 THP.

Another group of cars has been added to the KESS3 vehicle list. This time the news is dedicated to the French PSA cars with the 1.6 turbo petrol engine managed by the Bosch MED17.4.4 ECU. Thanks to the OBD connection mode, you will be able to work on ECU calibration without any risk and even in a shorter time, guaranteeing a fast and effective service to your customers.

New ECU supported:

  • Bosch MED17.4.4

Spend the time saved with KESS3 to develop your tuning concepts and increase your business opportunities. Get the performance you want and satisfy dozens of customers entering your workshop with a single tool.

Bosch MED17.4.4

 RD, WR in OBD

C4 Grand Picasso 1.6 16v THP 165 6AT Petrol 121 kW
C4 Picasso 1.6 16v THP 165 6AT Petrol 121 kW
DS3 1.6 16v THP 150 Petrol 110 kW
DS3 1.6 16v THP 165 Petrol 121 kW
DS3 1.6 16v THP 150 Petrol 110 kW
DS3  1.6 16v THP Cabrio 165 Petrol 121 kW
DS5 1.6 16v THP 165 6MT Petrl 121 kW

 RD, WR in OBD

208 1.6 16v THP GT 165 Petrol 121 kW
3008 1.6 16v THP 165 6AT Petrol 121 kW
308 1.6 16v THP GT Petrol 128 kW
5008 1.6 16v THP 156 Petrol 115 kW
508 1.6 16v THP 165  Petrol 121 kW

This protocol is also supported by KessV2.

KESS3: the ideal mate for your work

Do you want to get the most out of KESS3?

Connect easily and never so quickly to the supported control units, work safely and autonomously on all types of vehicles and discover the technologies that drive the vehicles coming into your workshop.

Design and performance, just a click!

Alientech Suite is your best friend in the calibration field.

Looks and function are designed to give you maximum responsiveness, contributing to a practical and intuitive working experience: everything you need is available and in your hands.

ECM Titanium: the ally for your business

Even more possibilities for modification and customization are now available to work on the parameters of the Bosch MEVD17.4.4 ECU. Work even more effectively and get the most out of every calibration, thanks to a complete list of maps available, and exceed your customers’ expectations.

With ECM Titanium it is possible to work on all ECU and TCU calibration files, in this case, however, our Driver update team has focused on the ECUs that are equipped on Peugeot’s sports cars: RCZ, 208 and 308 GTI.

Thanks to the multiple editable maps on the updated Driver, you can carry out different types of tuning with the usual simple and intuitive handling, only on ECM Titanium. Adjust the engine management parameters with the view modes (TAB, HEX, 2D and 3D) you prefer and make your best calibration.

Driver – Bosch MEVD17.4.4

Work on these vehicles with ECM Titanium thanks to the updated driver.

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