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Alientech news update: New Drivers Update for ECU Continental SID209

22 November 2021
Alientech news update: New Drivers Update for ECU Continental SID209


New maps available to improve Ford Ranger, Endeavour, Everest, Transit and Transit Custom. Work on better performance and lower consumption with ECM Titanium!

The Alientech team that deals with the Drivers update has focused on the Continental SID209 equipped on Ford vehicles. Intervene on the right maps and discover what you can do thanks to ECM Titanium.


Among commercial vehicles, the Ford Ranger certainly does not go unnoticed. This pick-up takes up the stylistic features of its larger brothers available in the American market and offers the right compromise between style and functionality.
In the most complete version, the Wildtrak, we have leather trims and a specific body kit that makes it more attractive and suitable for everyday use and not just as a normal work vehicle!

Available only with diesel engines, the most interesting is the 3.2l Duratorq with 200CV and 470Nm, already available at 1500RPM. The engine is connected to the wheels by a 6-speed automatic gearbox and an all-wheel drive system, with low and high range gear, that can be electronically disengaged and a rear differential locking system, pretty useful in hard off-road routes, where traction must be 100% guaranteed.

  • Torque Monitoring
  • Torque limiter f (ECT)
  • Requested Torque
  • Injection Timing
  • Turbo pressure
  • EGR


  • Ranger
  • Endeavour
  • Everest
  • Transit
  • Transit Custom

Driver for ECM Titanium



The torque monitoring map is useful in this case in order to disable the control that the ECU makes during engine running, monitoring overall performance. Generally this map is set to 0 to avoid, during acceleration, that the control unit detects anomalies and enable limp mode.


On many management systems, there are maps that limit performance according to certain factors (exhaust gas temperature, coolant temperature, oil temperature, etc.). Generally, to create a safer tune, it is useful to increase these maps up to a temperature threshold that we believe may be critical for that engine. In any case, it is important, in order to have a good mapping, to raise these maps, otherwise the machine, having reached the operating temperature or slightly higher, will start to work almost as if it were stock.


Especially on diesel engines, this map is very important since it allows you to improve the response of the accelerator pedal. It is very useful to modify this map as by working on the torque parameters we can make the engine and the accelerator pedal much more responsive, making driving experience better and amplifying the feeling of increased performance of the vehicle.


Generally, when working on fuel management on a diesel engine, it is also very useful to modify the injection timing. This map manages the angle before TDC at which the injector starts injecting diesel into the combustion chamber. By increasing the injection advance, we have the possibility to increase the amount of fuel to be injected, thus improving the performance in terms of torque and power output.


These maps manage the pressure target the compressor must reach. By increasing these maps, with the maps that manage the torque and diesel, it is possible to significantly increase the performance of the vehicle. But be careful: we suggest not to increase these maps too much as it can easily compromise the correct functioning of the turbocharger and engine itself.


This map allows you to eliminate the functioning of the EGR. Deactivating this valve generally avoids the reintroduction of part of the exhaust gases into the intake. One of the benefits that can be felt by deactivating this valve is certainly an increase in engine torque from low revs.

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