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Alientech news update: K-Suite release 4.58

10 November 2021
Alientech news update: K-Suite release 4.58


Read and write in OBD Yamaha YZF-R1 equipped with DENSO SH7058.
All the Yamaha equipped with Denso SH7058 in production from 2014 till today are now available in OBD, thanks to the new KESSv2 protocol.

Benelli, Brixton Motorcycles, CF Moto, Yamaha, Motron Motorcycles, PGO, Segway and Voge are brands of the motorcycles you will be able to remap easily and safely, thanks to the new KESSv2 protocols available.

Different models, each with its own peculiarities, all sharing the same perfect balance between mechanics, design, power, and style. Yet, thanks to Alientech and this update, you can intervene on the ECUS, offering results that your customers will perceive from the first test on the road.

OBD remapping on these ECU'S:

  • BOSCH MSE6.0
  • BOSCH US6.0
  • DELPHI MT05.3
  • DENSO SH7058

Motorcycles in production from 2014 to today, some just released on the market. Unique and iconic models, exiting. Reprogramming a motorcycle is a rather delicate intervention, which may limit the professional. But with this new function, you work on these vehicles more quickly, simple, and efficient. Your business grows because you can offer your customers more services in less time.

New KESSv2 Protocol

    Read and write in OBD

502 C 502 C Petrol 35 Kw
Leoncine 500 Leoncine 500 Petrol 35 Kw
TRK 502 Petrol 35 Kw

    Read and write in OBD

150 NK 150 NK Petrol 12 Kw
250 NK 250 NK Petrol 27 Kw
250 SR 250 SR Petrol 27 Kw
650 NK 650 NK Petrol 61 Kw
Cforce 400 Petrol 31 Kw
Cforce 450 Petrol 31 Kw
Cforce 520 Petrol 37 Kw
Cforce 600 Petrol 42 Kw
Cforce 625 Petrol 33 Kw
Cforce 1000 Petrol 68 Kw
Cforce 550 EFI 4X4 Petrol 26 Kw

    Read and write in OBD

Tigra 200 Petrol 14 kw

    Read and write in OBD

Snarler 200 Petrol 15 Kw

    Read and write in OBD

Brivido 300R Petrol 19 Kw


New KESSv2 Protocol

    Read and write in OBD

150 NK 150 NK Petrol 9 Kw
650 NK 650 NK Petrol 42 Kw
Cforce 450 Petrol 21 Kw
Cforce 1000  Petrol 50 Kw
ZFORCE 1000 1000 EX Petrol 59 Kw

    Read and write in OBD

Valico 650DS Petrol 35 Kw


New KESSv2 Protocol

 Read and write in OBD

Imperiale Imperiale 400 Petrol 16 Kw

 Read and write in OBD

Crossfire Crossfire 500 X Petrol 35 Kw
Crossfire Crossfire 500 Petrol 16 Kw
Crossfire Crossfire 125 XS Petrol 8 Kw

 Read and write in OBD

Revolver Revolver 125 Petrol 8 Kw


New KESSv2 Protocol

    Virtual Reading and write in OBD

FJR FJR 1300 Petrol 108 Kw
FJR FJR 1300 ABS Petrol 108 Kw
FJR FJR 1300 AE Petrol 108 Kw
MT MT-07 Petrol 55 Kw
MT MT-09 Petrol 85 Kw
MT MT-10 Petrol 118 Kw
Niken Niken 850 Petrol 85 Kw
Tenere Tenere 700 Petrol 55 Kw
T-Max XP 530 T-Max Petrol 34 Kw
Tracer Tracer 700 Petrol 55 Kw
Tracer Tracer 900 Petrol 55 Kw
Tracer Tracer 900 Petrol 85 Kw
Tracer Tracer 900 GT Petrol 85 Kw
XSR XSR 700 Petrol 55 Kw
XSR XSR 900 Petrol 85 Kw
XT XT1200Z Super Tenere Petrol 82 Kw
YZF YZF-R1 Petrol 147 Kw
YZF YZF-R6 Petrol 87 Kw

OBD programmer, versatile and safe.
Meet the needs of your customers and the trade customers you work with, and create your own collaborators network!

Thanks to 764 protocol you read and write through OBD (VR, WR) Yamaha equipped with ECU DENSO SH7058
This update simplifies even more your work: VR reading and OBD writing with KESSv2 to carry out the ECU remapping safely, with reliable and assured results, without compromising the mechanics.

Virtual Reading offers you the opportunity to receive the correct file and with KESSv2 you can do it easily and quickly: our tool automatically identifies the ECU, searches the corresponding on our servers and in a very few guided steps downloads the corresponding original file.

As per Yamaha tradition, the performances of this hypersport are of the highest level: 200CV and 115Nm of torque, all kept at bay by a cyclist and aerodynamics studied in detail from the Yamaha engineers, with their experience in the Superbike championships and MotoGP from which much of the technology comes.

In addition to this, also electronics at the highest levels, with the latest driver assistance systems (that of course can be turned off) and electronically controlled accelerator Ride By Wire. Certainly, an ideal combination for anyone who wants an effective and performing bike, both for Sunday ride and for time hunting on the track!

But you can do even more, with ECM, by intervening on the maps that manage the electronic throttle, the injection maps and engine advances, you can customize the riding driving experience of this hypersport bike, making it even more unique, personal and exciting!

The functioning of this protocol is bound to the new cable 144300K271.

Thanks to 769 and 775 protocols, read and write through OBD (RD, WR) Benelli, Brixton Motorcycles, CF Moto, Motron Motorcycles, PGO, Segway and VOGE equipped with ECU Bosch MSE6.0, US6.0 and Delphi MT05.3

Using only original tools and software, safe and tested protocols, you show that you are a respected reference point for motorcycles remapping and that you can obtain in a few moves what your customers want.

Through OBD, you connect the tool and read the original file inside the ECU or TCU. Once read, the file can be modified with a remapping software like ECM Titanium and then rewritten through OBD.

A note on the ATV of CF Moto. Vehicles able to deal with any terrain, even the most impervious and hostile ones. Lighter frame, improved suspension compared to the previous model, make it an ideal companion for work and fun. For these reasons, we are talking about a common vehicle and that many are choosing to buy or remap!

The protocol functioning is bound to the use of the new 144300K272.

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