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Alientech news update: K-Suite Release 3.86

30 April 2020
Alientech news update: K-Suite Release 3.86

Toyota 2.4D and 2.8D Gen2 now available for KESSv2

Starting from today new calibration of the vehicles 2.4D (2GD-FTV) and 2.8D (1GD-FTV) Toyota will be available.

The complete list of the multinational Japanese Toyota original files is now available in Virtual Reading. You will be able to operate on some of the most modified and required vehicles on the market: Toyota Hilux, Fortuner, Innova, Hiace, and Land Cruiser Prado produced from 2015 to 2018.

The Virtual Reading function of the 653 protocol of KESSv2 allows the reading of the ECU calibration ID code and KESSv2 will check automatically which is the vehicle calibration and the update of the compatible file, thus allowing you to download the proper calibration to proceed to the modification.

The introduction of the compatibility verification between the calibration and its ECU update within the Virtual Reading function, allow to the KESSv2 users to achieve the remapping work in most cases regardless of the calibration code currently present on the vehicle. Thanks to this, the over 350 files added today make KESSv2 compatible with thousands of files already installed.

Visit the Alientech website to check which new Toyota calibrations are available for KESSv2.

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