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AlientechKESS3 universal cable KUNI

Alientech KESS3 universal cable KUNI Tuning-shop.com 144300KUNI
€ 59,00 Excl. VAT
Product information

Introducing the Alientech universal cable KUNI, a versatile addition to the Alientech cable series, designed to elevate the tuning experience for a wide array of vehicles. This KESS3 universal cable, is a game-changer for professionals, offering adaptability and reliable precision.

The Alientech universal cable KUNI functions as a universal connector, bridging the gap between the designated vehicle and the renowned Alientech KESS3 system. This cable is engineered to facilitate seamless communication between diverse vehicle systems and the Alientech KESS3 tuning tool. Unlocking the power to fine-tune performance, troubleshoot with accuracy, and personalize settings across various makes and models.

The Alientech universal cable KUNI is the go-to solution for professionals who would like to elevate their data and tuning experience. By using this universal tool that adapts to the unique needs of different vehicles, ensuring unparalleled precision in every tuning session is guaranteed.

Acquire the Alientech universal cable KUNI and receive a cable which ensures superior performance and unmatched functionality, guaranteeing a satisfying and reliable experience.

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AlientechKESS3 universal cable KUNI

€ 59,00 Excl. VAT
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KESS3 universal cable KUNI