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AlientechKESS3 Slave Version

KESS3 Unboxing (2022) | Alientech KESS3 & The New Alientech Suite!
+10 FREE Credits
€ 600,00 Excl. VAT
Product information

KESS3 SLAVE: OBD, Bench and Boot Programming

KESS3 is the powerful tool that allows the READING and WRITING of the ECU found in Automobile, Motorcycle, Trucks, Agricultural Vehicles as well as Marine applications by simply connecting the supplied interface cable to the diagnostic port of the vehicle.

Thanks to thirty years of experience and nearly three years of development, KESS3 is the most advanced engineering achievement ever conceived in the Chiptuning industry. Alientech has made a significant breakthrough to create something unique and extraordinary, which has no equal in the market, in terms of functions, convenience, and versatility.

KESS3 has been developed to provide everyone, from the young engine enthusiast to the most specialized mechatronic technicians with a quick and simple interface to any engine control unit and automatic gearbox on the market.

Sensational performance, high operational flexibility and ease of use allow you to interface with engines and gearbox control units with a single tool.

KESS3 combines 3 operating modes in one tool. OBD, Bench and Boot mode.

Please NOTE : Operating modes OBD/ Bench Boot must be bought separately !

  • OBD - With the OBD mode, you can easily access all the ECU data through the diagnostic socket.
  • BENCH - A simple interface to the connector and you have complete access to the data of your ECU.
  • BOOT - This mode allows you to access all system data areas. Read and Write.

Every aspect of KESS3 is carefully designed to achieve performance, operational flexibility, and ease of use. Its renewed architecture exploits the full potential of each component.New microprocessor, latest generation I/O interfaces, new built-in sensors and high-performance EEPROM and FLASH memories are the main features of KESS3.

The most powerful microprocessor on the market. 7 times more powerful than the previous generation. Pure power that can execute your commands reliably, faster and more efficiently.

KESS3 automatically and instantly recognizes the right communication line, to work faster, using only an OBD cable. Ethernet, FlexRay, CAN Bus, K-Line, L-line, J1850, J1708. All the essential lines to start any operation inside the vehicle in total safety. 

GPS, Accelerometer, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. All embedded in one platform. 
The combination of these features and the constant technological developments that distinguish us will allow us to develop many new functions in the future.

The renewed USB Full speed chip allows an up to 10x increase in the performance of importing and exporting files to and from the KESS3. But not only that, Alientech added a new web infrastructure to the new KESS3. The result being, an Alientech cloud with improved speed and performance.

Note: These 10 Free Tuningfiles are only available if the slave is linked to the Master version of Dyno-ChiptuningFiles.

* Please note that we require Slave users to be linked to our Master tool for at least one year when purchasing a Slave tool in combination with free DCF credits from Tuning-shop.com.
The Slave user must have purchased a minimum of 10 Slave Credits from dyno-chiptuning-files.com.

TRANSFER: Slave transfer incurs cost and requires an approval from the current Master, possibly a mandatory update of the subscription (if the subscription is not active). The Slave user must have purchased a minimum of 10 Slave Credits from dyno-chiptuning-files.com.


Please note that this tool utilizes an annual subscription to provide updates and automatic functionality. When purchasing this tool, one year of activation is included. Afterward, the annual fee depends on the version: Master or Slave. The prices can be found on the subscription page of this tool.

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AlientechKESS3 Slave Version

€ 600,00 Excl. VAT
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Alientech KESS3 Slave Version € 600,00
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KESS3 Slave Version