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AlientechHarley Davidson 6 pin cable

Alientech - Harley Davidson 6 pin cable Tuning-shop.com 144300K257
€ 59,00 Excl. VAT
Product information

The Alientech Harley Davidson 6 pin cable is an ECU diagnostic connector cable meticulously crafted for Harley Davidson motorcycles. This cable serves as essential link between the Alientech tuning tool and the heart of the Harley bike (ECU), through the CAN-bus connection, enabling precise tuning adjustments and data exchange. 

Designed to establish a secure connection with the 6 pin connector on Harley Davidson motorcycles, this cable allows professionals to unlock the full potential of the bike's performance. It facilitates seamless communication, enabling precise tuning adjustments for optimal power, fuel efficiency, and overall riding experience.

Key features of this product

  • Especially made for Harley Davidson motorcycles, the Alientech Harley Davidson 6 pin cable ensures optimized tuning, customized for Harley Davidson motorcycles, providing a personalized and enhanced riding experience based on your customers wishes.
  • Compatibility assurance, tailored specifically for Harley models with CAN-bus, this cable guarantees compatibility and a reliable connection.
  • Performance enhancement, with this cable the user becomes able to adapt the Harley's engine parameters with accuracy, optimizing power, fuel efficiency, and overall riding performance.

Investing in the Alientech Harley Davidson 6 pin cable, you receive a high-quality CAN-bus 6 pin connector cable designed for reliability and compatibility with Harley Davidson motorcycles. This package includes the assurance of seamless communication for an optimal data exchange and precise tuning.

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AlientechHarley Davidson 6 pin cable

€ 59,00 Excl. VAT
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Harley Davidson 6 pin cable