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Magic Motorsport news update: FLEXbox

20 January 2021
Magic Motorsport news update: FLEXbox

The new OBD female cable for FLEXBox

Offers easier connections to vehicle modules

Born to be Flexible, now more than ever… There’s great news for bench programming with FLEXBox. Purchase the new FLEXBox OBD female cable FLX2.14 and discover all the new features that have been added to the FLEXBox interface.

By connecting the FLX2.14 cable, you can control the FLEXBox from the Touch button and select one of the four modes available that allows the user to connect the interface to the standard OBD socket of any vehicle module.

With the new Magicmotorsport cable, you can generate different voltage values that are useful in programming.

You can also manage the ignition* through the programmings or you can switch on the ignition through the Touch button in mode 4.

Watch how it works


Discover the new features of FLEXBox and the new FLX2.14 cable and ease your workload!

The user manual for connections of the FLX2.14 cable to FLEXBox and a description of the new features of the interface are available on the MMS Helpdesk.

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