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Alientech news update: K-Suite release 4.72

10 March 2022
Alientech news update: K-Suite release 4.72


Reprogram via OBD the new Kawasaki Ninja! New protocol to read and write via OBD the ECU Mitsubishi 21175-1647. An absolute icon of the two wheel world is now available!

The new update introduces the possibility to work in the easiest and fastest way, thanks to KESSv2, on the newest Kawasaki Ninja, equipped with MITSUBISHI 21175-1647.

New KESSv2 Protocol

Mitsubishi 21175-1647
    Read and write in OBD

Ninja 1000 ZX-10R Petrol 149 Kw

Ninja ZX-10R 2021.

Reprogram by KESSv2 and edit the original file with ECM Titanium, changing the maps related to the engine load, injection and spark advance!

Thanks to the great experience acquired by Kawasaki in the world of competitions, Ninja ZX-10R 2021 includes all the know-how of the Japanese brand, after six wins in a row of the drivers’ and constructors’ superbike championship (2015 – 2020).

Model year 2021, thanks to the new aerodynamic fairing with integrated winglets, racing suspensions with customized settings, high performance Brembo brakes and a lot, a lot of technology, is surely the most attractive super sport bike on the market, above all for the pure performance of the bike! Thanks to its 998cc engine, it unleashes a max power of 213hp at 13000RPM and 114.9Nm at 11800RPM: great numbers, especially for a road bike.
Thanks to the protocol 774 you can read and write the ECU, and with the programming software ECM Titanium, you can edit the files to maximize the performances and make it a “bullet on the track” as well as the best partner for a Sunday ride on the mountain roads!

Get a faster response from the engine by working on the maps related to engine load, a massive power delivery by editing the parameters of injection and spark advance. The proper work of the protocol is bound to the use of the new cable 144300K269.

KESSv2. Versatile, Safe.

KESSv2 is available in different settings according to your needs.
Fill the needs of your customers, of the garages you work with and build your own net of new partners! Through OBD, you just plug in the tool and read the original file of the ECU and TCU. Once the file has been read, it can be modified with a remapping software like ECM Titanium and then written back though OBD.

New Marine protocol to reprogram in Boot the Yamaha Outboard engine.

This update will also include a new K-Tag protocol that will permit you to work on another ECU in BOOT MODE:


It’s about an ECU equipped on the outboard engines loved by all the yachtmen!

New K-TAG Protocol

Mitsubishi 6KA-8591A-XX
    Read and write in Boot Mode

Outboard F300 4.2L V6 Petrol 221 Kw

Reprogram Yamaha Outboard F300 4.2L V6

Thanks to K-TAG and to its Boot Mode feature, you can work on one of the most appreciated outboard engine ever.
The many times awarded 4.2 l Outboard V6 by Yamaha is the chosen one in open sea since decades. This new engine shares all the Yamaha marine DNA and you can see it in its advanced technology that offers a great power and superior performance.
But not only: after years of great performances, the outboard V6 4.2l engine has reached the status which is even more precious in open waters: the reliability.

With a new look, integrated electric digital steering system and many new technologies, this new engine offers high standards of flexibility, safety on water and amazing performances! The engine is a V6 60° of 4169 cm3, available at many levels of power, from 225 to 300hp and with a range of full power from 5000 to 6000RPM, all managed by a system of electronic injection.

Thanks to the read/write protocols you will work on the engine management and thanks to ECM Titanium you can personalize your experience on the sea; sharpen the parameters for the injection and the advance to improve the engine response and raise the bar of your outboard performance!

K-TAG is the most complete and professional tool to read, write, and clone an ECU.

Boot Mode. With ECU open to communicate with the deeper parts.
Thanks to Boot Mode protocols you can read, write, and clone through microprocessor NBD NEC, JTAG SPC56 e MPC56, JTAG Renesas. You make advanced editing and backup operations of the ECU, safe and reliable. Thanks to 1662 protocol, reading and writing through micro JTAG Mitsubishi ECU Mitsubishi 6KA-8591A-XX.

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