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Alientech news update: K-Suite release 4.63

17 December 2021
Alientech news update: K-Suite release 4.63


K-TAG. New Clone function for ECU Bosch EDC17 and MEDV17 equipped on BMW, IVECO, Opel and PSA vehicles.
Reading, writing, and cloning in Boot and Service Mode. New Bosch ECUS equipped on petrol and diesel BMW, IVECO, Opel and PSA vehicles.

We have added to these Bosch ECUS the Clone function available on K-TAG.

  • BOSCH EDC17C10
  • BOSCH EDC17C19
  • BOSCH EDC17C49
  • BOSCH EDC17C50
  • BOSCH MEDV17.4

Having the opportunity to clone one of these ECUS means repairing and intervening, also for complex processes, on thousands of petrol and Diesel vehicles equipped on BMW, Mini, Opel and PSA petrol and diesel. An extra opportunity we give to offer even more services to your customers and retain them.

The Clone function we have added to these ECUS is a web service and it is available only on Master tool with active Subscription.

K-TAG is the most reliable and professional tool.

K-TAG is the tool for professionals, designed and built by professionals. Every business need is met by working efficiently and precisely on cars, motorcycles, trucks, tractors, and boats.

Reading, writing, and cloning in Boot Mode.
It allows you to get to the hearth of the ECU and TCU, to read and write the microprocessor, EEPROM and flash memory. With K-TAG it is also possible to make advanced changes, backup operations and ECU cloning.

Simplify your work with the new positioning frame.
Thanks to the new positioning frame, your work becomes even easier: a valuable aid to operate open-ECU and that allows you to place the tips or the boards easily and smoothly on the programming platforms of the ECU, to read, write, and clone faster and easier, also in Boot Mode.

K-TAG Service Mode.
Read, write, and clone without opening the ECU also the MEDV17 and EDC17 ECUS.
Minimum error margin and maximum results, thanks to Service Mode. You will succeed in very complex operations, becoming an accredited professional. Furthermore, with this update, thanks to 10 new protocols, you will work on hundreds of BMW, Mini, Opel and PSA petrol and diesel.

New ECU Clone function for 10 protocols Boot Mode and Service Mode.
Only for K-TAG Master with active subscription, it is available the ECU Clone function. One connected the ECU, in accordance to the modalities indicated by the protocol, you can select the special ECU Clone function.

To arrive safely at the end of the operation, you can follow the constantly updated technical manual and, in your language, in which there are all the useful information.

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