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DynostarLAMBDA KIT H106

€ 1.256,50 Excl. VAT
Product information

This kit is the same as our Lambda kit H105, only its an upgraded version with 2 channels.

This kit can measure the air/fuel ratio directly from the exhaust. You can either measure through our exhaust tube, which you can place in the back of the exhaust, or you can mount the sensor directly in a lambda bung. The air/fuel ratio can also be displayed in the graphics and measurements screen.

This module is specially designed so it can be mounted on the wall so your workshop is always neat and tidy and has a external power supply.

This kit is also expandable to 4 channels.


  • Air/fuel ratio module
  • QLB software
  • 2X Lambda sonde
  • Housing lambda sonde
  • 2X Exhaust tube
  • 2X Bungee cord
  • 12V adaptor
  • 2X Signal cable to lambda sensor ( 4 m )
  • Communication cable

The H105 and H106 modules are wideband kits.

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DynostarLAMBDA KIT H106

€ 1.256,50 Excl. VAT
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