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AlientechKESSv2 Master (Tool)

Kess V2 Master Tool Set
+5 FREE Credits
€ 1.500,00 Excl. VAT
Product information

KESSv2 is the powerful tool that allows the READING and WRITING of the ECU found in Automobile, Motorcycle, Trucks, Agricultural Vehicles as well as Marine applications by simply connecting the supplied interface cable to the diagnostic port of the vehicle.

KESSv2 Master
The Master version of the tool allows you complete access to the stock files located in the ECU. Once read, then modified, the KESSv2 will allow you to rewrite (FLASH) the edited file back to the OEM ECU.

  • Identifies the vehicle you wish to work on
  • Monitors the battery voltage
  • Saves the vehicle’s original injector codes, whenever there is the risk of a loss
  • Checks and clears any DTC in the ECU
  • Automatic Checksum Correction
  • Writing the flash is always accomplished, even in the event of PC malfunctions.
  • Restore capabilities in the event of unforeseen errors.

When using KESSv2 you will have security of checksum correction as a standard feature as well as the supplied K-Suite software will also eliminate any concerns about proper connection to the ECU by including a step-by-step procedure with pictures.

If there were ever an issue with the procedures, the Recovery function will allow you to restore the ECU.

Includes: Tool and following cables: 144300KCAN - 144300K201 - USB CABLE

(Note:  These 5 free credits can only be used at www.dyno-chiptuningfiles.com.)

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AlientechKESSv2 Master (Tool)

€ 1.500,00 Excl. VAT
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Alientech KESSv2 Master (Tool) € 1.500,00
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KESSv2 Master (Tool)